Augentius is in the process of becoming part of the SGG Group (subject to regulatory approval). Once the transaction has completed Augentius will become part of the world’s 4th leading investor services firm in the world with over $400 billion of assets under administration, backed by a team of over 2350 professionals servicing assets across 24 jurisdictions. Full details can be found here.


The regulatory environment is an ever-expanding universe of rules and directives. No more so than in the Alternative Asset Management sector. It is a challenge for managers to keep abreast of the constant change. Regulation is difficult and complex to understand. Not understanding what is happening or being out of date is not an option. But focussing on the core business, and delivering to investors is the priority. Managers need expert help and guidance to ensure they are constantly in compliance. And they need that assistance from people who truly understand
their business.

Augentius Compliance acts in partnership with your firm. We have been working together with the sector for over 10 years.  We know how you work. We know your issues. And we know how to deliver a tailor-made solution to each individual client. Every firm works to deliver investment returns in a different way. We understand that. And we work together with you to help
achieve just that.


Augentius is one of the largest independent Private Equity and Real Estate Administrators and Depositaries in the world. We currently service over 10,000 investors across the world. We know and understand how fund managers work and the help and guidance that they need. We have been at the forefront of the development of the AIFMD. We have helped and continue to help many clients with their FATCA issues. We have developed one of the most sophisticated AIFMD reporting packages and again help many managers with this problem. Regulatory compliance is an important part of our world.


Augentius Compliance is different. Augentius knows and understands how managers work – and works together with them every day of the week. We understand the issues and the problems from a practical point of view – and run regulated businesses ourselves in a number of jurisdictions. Compliance is in our DNA.

The Augentius Compliance team are experts in what they do. They have worked for the regulators, they have worked in-house, and they have shared their expertise and knowledge with their clients. They are practical, pragmatic and sensible – and provide the right solutions for their clients.

Add the two ingredients together and you have a compelling mix. A business that is a component part of our clients’ businesses. A business that understands how managers work and what is important to them. And a business that is pragmatic, sensible and provides workable solutions that allows managers to focus on their investment strategy – whilst ensuring
compliance with regulation.